• viva volt Why VOLT


VOLT is a comprehensive educational programme covering the school curriculum, learning at school, self-learning and assessment. High-quality content developed by the best academic minds is delivered through video lessons by skilled presenters and accomplished teachers. Animations and graphical representations make lessons and key concepts come alive.

Are you a teacher or school administrator looking for hybrid learning courses that match the school curriculum exactly and can be taught right in the classroom?

Do you wish to benefit from a blended learning model in which video lessons, interactive exercises, teacher-led learning, offline and online assessment and books, all have an equal role?

Are you a parent searching for an online learning product that aligns closely with what your child is learning at school? Would you like to improve your child's school learning outcomes and performance through a learning programme that is also suited for remote learning?

If you answered 'yes' to any of the questions above, VOLT is for you!

Regular online courses help supplement the curriculum, whereas
VOLT teaches the curriculum itself.

VOLT is suited for classroom learning, homeschooling and self-learning. Most VOLT courses come with free textbooks and a host of other services like teacher support and academic assistance. All these make VOLT the right choice for academic excellence in every school and bright learners at every home.

The courses are taught entirely through video with detailed explanations and visuals. This elevates the learning experience to a new wholesome level beyond the conventional classroom scenario.

Interactive exercises and instant scores make learning assistive and autonomous.

Works seamlessly across computers, tablets and smartphones (Android & iOS)