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Igniting Minds,
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The comprehensive courses have been designed to develop 21st century skills in children, equipping them for the future and instilling a continuous learning mindset.
NEP-NCF/ Aligned Courses

The VOLT Middle Stage consist of courses and textbooks that adhere to the guidelines of NEP 2020 and NCF 2023. NCF 2023 aims to prepare students to learn how to learn, become lifelong learners and also have the ability to constantly adapt to changing times. It focuses on experiential learning and aims to build the 21st century skills in learners to make them future-ready.

Why VOLT Middle?

The courses for the Middle Stage (classes 6 to 8) are thoughtfully-graded and designed to inspire and ignite the young minds. They are aligned to the guidelines of NEP 2020 and NCF 2023. The courses aim to improve language proficiency, communication skills and logical reasoning. They are designed in a way to ensure holistic development of the students and to make their learning experience joyful.

The online component of each course comprises textual and interactive content to help children achieve specific learning milestones.

Skill Development
Digital Age Literacy
Independent Learning
Easy Accessibility
Diverse Content
Continuous Updates and Support
Powerful Teaching Tools and Aids
Multidisciplinary Learning
Course Components
course-component course-component
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