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VIVA VOLT Value Education

Value Education

A Blended Course for Classes 1 to 5

Values are the ideas, guiding principles and standards of behaviour that a person follows. Value Education focuses on promoting the capabilities, attitudes and skills of students that help them not just in school but also in life after school. It further prepares the students to make the world a better place as well as prepares them for their work life. It leads to overall personality development of the students.

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Themes Covered

Inner Peace
Positive Thinking
Being Compassionate
Respecting Fellow Beings
Critical Thinking
Promoting Peace
Caring for the Environment
Being True Self
Conflict Resolution

Values Focused On

Personal Values

Personal Values

Social Values

Social Values

Moral Values

Moral Values

Spiritual Values

Spiritual Values

Universal Values

Universal Values

Cultural Values

Cultural Values

Health and Cleanliness

Health and Cleanliness

VIVA VOLT Value Education

Why Value Education?

Value education leads to social, emotional, physical, mental and intellectual growth of students. This value-based course helps the students in fulfilling the following purposes.

  • Instil the right values.
  • Ensure holistic development.
  • Inculcate patriotic spirit.
  • Develop good manners and habits.
  • Make them more responsible and cooperative.
  • Prepare them to act appropriately.

Aims of Value Education

Make a balanced and supportive community.

Redefine values and their importance for smooth functioning of the society.

Connect the head, heart and hands of the students.

Promote harmony and peace with self and surroundings.

Create awareness of society in a physical, mental and social context.

Foster interdependence between different levels of society.

Pillars of Value Education

  1. Character Development

  2. Skill Development

  3. Health Education

  4. Personality Development

  5. Environmental Education


Components of the Course

Animated Stories


Interactive Quizzes

Yoga Asanas

Videos on Life Skills

Value Sheets

Value-based Diary Entries

Word Search Puzzles

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