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Academic Team

Zohra Lawrence

Fostering a child's imagination gives me great pleasure while also encouraging children to develop their interests and embarking on projects to further their knowledge and broaden their thinking.


Divya Madhukar is an early childhood educator and Montessori coach. She holds advanced degrees in computer science, and teaching and training are her passions. Divya is the Director of Trained Brain Pre-School and Center Head of the International Montessori Teacher Training Institute in Bangalore.

Apoorva Vasishtha

Trained in accountancy, audit and finance, Apoorva Vasishtha is also deeply passionate about education and skills training. Her other areas of interest are course content creation and public speaking.

Akanksha Dudpuri

An accomplished educationist and content strategist with more than seven years of experience in the publishing industry with expertise in content creation and editing, and curriculum designing.

Sreetilak Sambhanda

Sreetilak Sambhanda has over 17 years’ experience in academic research, education and business. Author of several educational books, Sreetilak is also an editor, publisher and teacher trainer.

Suruchi Aggarwal

Suruchi Aggarwal is passionate about teaching and has been coaching students for 12 years. She has an M.Phil in West Asian Studies and a Master’s in Political Science, besides a Bachelor’s in Education. A published researcher, Suruchi is an academic counsellor and content writer at IGNOU.