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Viva Volt Testimonial

We have been using Viva Education books for long time and we are very happy with the illustrations that are very colourful, they are bright and child-friendly. We are happy with the content also that has been really helpful for teachers during the time of COVID. Because of the digital support Viva is providing along with the visual part the teacher's resource pack has been very helpful for teachers, because it contains the flipbook, test generators, animated lessons. During the lockdown time Viva has been really supportive for us, using Viva Education books has been very helpful for us. We thank Viva Education for providing such good content to young kids and doing the good job in this field. Thank you so much Viva Publications.

Runzun Goyal - Principal, New Green Field Public Academy, Indore
Viva Volt Testimonial

We are very happy to say that we have been using Viva Education books - Real English: A Multi-Skill Language Course as well as Everyday English Grammar and Composition for the past 3 years. This series we are continuing from classes 1 to 5. We have got many features which needs to be first told to Viva as a note of thanks and the entire team. They have supported us with the app, it not just a mere app, where student can open and click on some of the questions and answers, rather it has come with flying colours in the test of time specially in the pandemic time. It has got lessons in an animated format which our teachers have used very well in teaching online classes. The listening practice, the questions which were for ASL, the audio for listening practice was well and very clear which has actually supported our online teaching, as well as the interactive practice modules which consist of comprehension, the vocabulary, the grammar was of immense support to us.

Tanusri Chakraborty - Vice Principal, Academic Samaritans Senior Secondary School, Hoshangabad
Viva Volt Testimonial

Heartfelt thanks to Viva Publications for helping teachers like me by sharing their digital portal. The past is moving quickly to the future. Young Learner Maths 1 and 2 both have multidisciplinary and methodologically diverse areas of numeracy learning with a focus on qualitative and quantitative learning techniques. Both books are full of illustrations and pictures in bright and vibrant hues to gain the children’s attention and grasp.

Sonu Datta - Ramjas School, R.K.Puram, New Delhi
Viva Volt Testimonial

The Purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows. Yes, Viva Education is committed to helping children learn. Key features include child-friendly content, level based and well graded through adequate exercises, ample activities given to maximize learning and fully assessable digital content encourage lifelong learning. We at Sanskruti admire Viva greatly. The purpose of education is to grow in the love of god and humanity. Viva Education is known for providing its students quality education and forming their personality. For teachers it is a wonderful opportunity to create awareness, build attitude and help students take up activities in the real world. The practice of using this book, helped the school to extend boundaries and scope of the formal education system encouraging creativity and improving students constructive ideas

Inderpal Kaur - Director, Sanskruti Public School, Guna