Frequently Asked Questions

Parents and Students


Viva VOLT will help improve your child’s school learning outcomes and performance through a learning programme that aligns closely with what your child is learning at school. We provide the following benefits with the VOLT programme:
  • Video lessons by expert presenters
  • Practice with smart interactivity
  • Knowledge assessment with assignments and worksheets
  • Complete syllabus coverage
  • Detailed reports

Currently, VOLT is available for the following courses and classes:
  • English Grammar (Classes 1 to 8)
  • Value Education (Classes 1 to 5)
  • Reasoning and Aptitude (Classes 1 to 8)
  • Atlas (Classes 3 to 8)
  • General Knowledge (Classes 1 to 8)
  • Preprimary (Nursery,LKG and UKG)

All the courses on VOLT are currently available in English only.

All the courses on VOLT are completely mapped with the school curriculum and the syllabus set by various boards.There comes follow the NEP (2020) and NCF (2022) guidelines.

No. Tuition is supplementary learning, that is, learning that is meant to reinforce classroom learning. However,VOLT courses offer the core curriculum that teachers will use in the classroom and learners will access at home.

VOLT assists year-round learning with an array of features like video lessons, smart interactivity and practice modules. Moreover, the control lies with the learner.He/She can watch the video multiple times until thorough with the concept. Attempt quizzes and interactivity to practice more and perform better in the exams. Worksheets, assignments and assessments aid in more practice, hence preparing the learner better outcomes in the exams.

If the school is affiliated with VOLT, the teacher can assign homework and assignments through VOLT. For the individual user, this feature is not applicable.

The Parent can Log in to his/her dashboard and check the Activity Progress section on the screen.

Progress graphs will have the following subject-wise graphs :
  • Module-wise Coverage Graph
  • Activity Cumulative Graph

All the courses on the VOLT platform offer a 14-days free trial.

Follow these steps to enroll the child to a particular course.
1. Register your child on VOLT.
2. Buy Course(s) for the desired course(s).
3. Access your course(s) from the dashboard or directly from the website.

You can change the class by visiting the Profile section on the dashboard. Please note that you will be able to change your class only if you have not opted for a trial or have no active subscription.

Your VOLT account allows you to buy multiple courses of the same class as mentioned in your profile. For buying courses for a class different from the one in your profile, you can either create a new account or upgrade the class in your profile (only applicable for individual buyers).

This can be due to the following reasons.
1. There can be some Internet issue.
2. There can be some issue related to the availability of balance in the account or any other source used for payment.
If the above listed reasons do not hold true, than you can write to us at or connect with us on 7317424242.

To cancel your subscription, you can call on the helpline number or drop a mail at along with your registered mobile number and user ID.

Note: Cancellation of the package is not possible once the book is delivered.

You will receive regular emails for dispatch details. You can also check the details by visiting the My Subscription page on your Dashboard.

To update your mobile number or email ID, you need to go to the Profile page on your Dashboard and click on 'Edit Profile'.

Note: Make sure that the updated email ID or mobile number is operational for verification. School students can contact their schools for any profile updates.

Click here to read about our Cancellation and Refund Policy.

Our customer support team is available to help you out with your queries from Monday to Saturday between, 9 AM and 6 PM, click here to chat with us. Alternatively, you can write to us at or connect with us on 7317424242.

VOLT is a blended learning model in which video lessons, interactive exercises, teacher-led learning, offline and online assessment and books, all have an equal role. VOLT courses come with free textbooks and a host of other services like teacher support and academic assistance. The courses are taught entirely through video with detailed explanations and visuals. This elevates the learning experience to a new wholesome level beyond the conventional classroom scenario. All these make VOLT the right choice for academic excellence in every school.

VOLT courses are compliant with the NEP 2020 and NCF 2022. The compliance is mapped and labelled wherever applicable.

Blended courses are programmes conceived in multiple formats and tailored to include the advantages of each format. They typically include video lessons, animations, interactive learning, assessment and a printed textbook. The digital content is benchmarked to the curriculum and closely corresponds and complements the printed textbook.

VOLT provides detailed assessments and graphs to analyse students’ individual performance in each subject, and also assess their position in the classes. This will help the teacher to curate learning strategies for each and every student.

Schools registered on the VOLT platform can manage profiles of their students and teachers. The User section on the Dashboard allows schools to add and edit students and teachers accounts and profiles.

You can connect with us on 7317424242.

To book a free demo session, please visit Book a Demo.

VOLT courses come with a one-year subscription which includes access to our online material for students and teachers, and free textbooks wherever applicable.