Power up your instruction with VOLT

VOLT course books and digital resources mark a complete transformation in teaching-learning practices. Our approach is innovative and inclusive that syncs perfectly with the educators’ goals and the aspirations of the school management.

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Achieve Your Goals

VOLT is dedicated to evolving a comprehensive learning platform across all disciplines taught at your school.


Key Advantages for the Educators and the School Management

  • NEP alignment across all subjects.
  • Comprehensive content designed to achieve your curriculum goals.
  • Hybrid learning in multiple formats.
  • Broad coverage of competencies and skills as per NCF 2022.
  • User-friendly technology.
  • Around-the-clock access.

Lesson Planning Simplified

If you need to create comprehensive lesson plans, you can bank on VOLT to do that for you. VOLT has all the right educator tools and support.

Customizable Course Planner

Notification to Students

Score Cards and Performance Reports

Free Cloud Storage

Teacher’s Resources

Course Progression Report

Take your school to the next level of efficiency with VOLT.

Raise your schools to new levels of academic excellence administrative efficiency with these VOLT features:

Year-Round Training and Support

Year-Round Training and Support

Class and Student Progress

Class and Student Progress

User Management Dashboard

User Management Dashboard

Class Comparison Reports

Class Comparison Reports

Step Up Your School’s Performance with VOLT

Integrate technology with teaching giving your students’ learning a boost.


Frequently Asked Questions

VOLT is a blended learning model in which video lessons, interactive exercises, teacher-led learning, offline and online assessment and books, all have an equal role. VOLT courses come with free textbooks and a host of other services like teacher support and academic assistance. The courses are taught entirely through video with detailed explanations and visuals. This elevates the learning experience to a new wholesome level beyond the conventional classroom scenario. All these make VOLT the right choice for academic excellence in every school.

VOLT courses are compliant with the NEP 2020. The compliance is mapped and labelled wherever applicable.

Blended courses are programmes conceived in multiple formats and tailored to include the advantages of each format. They typically include video lessons, animations, interactive learning, assessment and a printed textbook. The digital content is benchmarked to the curriculum and closely corresponds and complements the printed textbook.

VOLT provides detailed assessments and graphs to analyse students’ individual performance in each subject, and also assess their position in the classes. This will help the teacher to curate learning strategies for each and every student.