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VOLT is a leader in blended learning, which marks a complete transformation in teaching-learning practices. Our approach is innovative and inclusive that syncs perfectly with the educators' goals and the aspirations of the school management.

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VOLT is a smart and holistic way of learning based on a hybrid model. Allowing students to learn any time and anywhere, It prioritizes overall development by honing their skills and competencies following the recommendations of NEP 2020.

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How is VOLT Different?

Regular online courses help supplement the curriculum, whereas VOLT teaches the curriculum itself. It is suited for both classroom learning, home schooling and self-learning. VOLT courses come with printed textbooks and a host of other services like teacher support and academic assistance. All these make VOLT the right choice for academic excellence in every school and bright learners at every home.

Content Content

High-quality and engaging content presented through innovative and interactive tools to make learning joyful.

  • Animations
  • Concept Videos
  • Quizzes and Puzzles
  • eBooks and Printed Books
NEP-NCF Compliance NEP-NCF Compliance

Skill development through a variety of courses based on National Education Policy guidelines (2020) and the National Curriculum Framework (2022).

  • Spotlight on 21st Century Skills
  • Outcome Oriented Courses
  • Skill-based Learning
  • Activity-based Learning
  • Holistic and Skill-based Content
Assessments and Progress Assessment and Progress

A variety of assessments with progress trackers to help evaluate learning

  • Timed Tests
  • Test Generators
  • Worksheets
  • Test Papers
  • Activity Books
  • Progress Graphs
  • Skill-based Remedial Measures
Assessments and Progress Teacher’s Resources

Valuable learning resources to help teachers optimize the course content for best learning outcomes and also to keep them updated with the latest instructional methodology.

  • Course Planner
  • Detailed Lesson Plans
  • Interactive Calendar
  • Worksheets and Activity Sheets
  • Test Generator
  • Remedial Measures
Course Planning Course Planning

The VOLT Course Planner ensures continuity and progression by helping teachers plan tasks for a particular week,month or term.

  • Animations
  • Concept Videos
  • Quizzes and Puzzles
  • eBooks and Printed Books
Service and Support Service and Support

Online and offline support for users with courses and technical matters; offline and on-site assistance to subscriber schools

  • Hotline Number
  • Training Sessions
  • Regular School Visits
  • Product Demonstrations

Reasoning And Aptitude

Online Reasoning Courses for Kids - Viva VOLT

Reasoning and Aptitude plays a vital role in developing the learner’s cognitive and thinking skills. This programme aims to help the learners excel in the subject with the help of variety of interactive activities. It aims to improve the observation skills of the learners and inculcate analytical and rational thinking.

Online Reasoning Courses for Kids - Viva VOLT
Reasoning and Aptitude Ranking Test  - Viva VOLT
Reasoning and Aptitude Mirror Images - Viva VOLT
Reasoning and Aptitude Logical Venn Diagrams - Viva VOLT
English Grammar for Kids - Viva VOLT

English Grammar

English Grammar for Kids - Viva VOLT

This comprehensive blended course makes grammar interesting and enjoyable. The video lessons by expert presenters lucidly explain every concept and take learners through the exercises step by step.

Learn English - What Are Adverbs? - Viva VOLT
Learn English - A Lesson on Punctuation - Viva VOLT
Learn English - A Simple Lesson on Articles - Viva VOLT

General Knowledge

Viva General Knowledge

General Knowledge is important for the development of one’s overall personality. Being informed about various subjects and domains enables holistic thinking and informed decision-making. It boosts the learners’ confidence and develops a well-rounded personality. Worldly knowledge helps in making conversations and writing skills impactful. It opens our eyes to different opinions and perspectives.

Viva General Knowledge
Mangalyaan - Viva VOLT
Midsummer Celebrations - Viva VOLT
Driversless Cars - Viva VOLT

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Learn on the go!

Packed with video lessons, interactive features, and quizzes, this fun and engaging VOLT app helps students learn at their own pace and tailor their studies to suit their individual needs.

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